“Design experiences that evoke extraordinary emotions”. A mission that has grown from its roots in the Azimut’s DNA, now strengthened by an ambitious promise: to introduce, with each new model, an innovation that allows you to experience the yacht or an environment like never before, discovering unexpected passions and sensations.


The Grande 30M, which will be presented to the public in 2025, represents the culmination of stylistic innovations to break down the barriers that limit contact with sea and sky. The interiors are designed by m2atelier, for their first collaboration with Azimut, while the exteriors by Alberto Mancini take the two elements that established the success of Grande 26M and Grande 36M to their fullest expression by integrating them: the Deck2Deck™ Terrace and the Infinity Skydeck.


The Grande 30M’s Infinity Skydeck is the natural evolution of the one the Shipyard made for the Grande 36M and for the first time goes from ‘semi’ to fully walkaround. The Upper Deck of the yacht runs flush from the stern to the extreme bow, allowing guests to experience this space like never before and pushing the concept of fluidity between exteriors and interiors to the extreme. The Glass House of the Upper Deck is transformed – thanks to the fully disappearing full-height windows – into a veranda open on three sides, establishing a union between the large aft lounge and the Infinity Pool which overlooks the sea off the bow.


The feature that best embodies the desire to expand the spaces on board and look to the horizon as a profound vocation of cruising is the Deck2Deck™ Terrace, an extension of the transom obtained by raising the teak hatch of the garage to become a continuation of the cockpit and a real terrace over the sea.

The signature of m2atelier, an international architecture and design studio founded in Milan by Marco Bonelli and Marijana Radovic, is evident in the architectural language that draws from different fields, from residential to contemporary art, to create fluid and informal spaces, to be lived and used in great relaxation and freedom, where time passes slowly and where the perception of light is the heart of the experience. This architectural concept embraces attention to detail and the ability to combine different materials in a relentless pursuit of a sustainable minimalism that is attentive to people’s wellbeing and respect for the environment.

Grande 30M is one of Azimut’s Low Emission Yachts, which include more than half of  the brand’s models. Low Emission Yachts guarantee a reduction in consumption – and therefore in CO2 emissions – of 20 to 30% compared to models of similar size with hard-chine hulls and traditional shaft line. These results are possible through the combination of three key factors: weight reduction through the extensive use of carbon fiber; the development of increasingly efficient hulls, designed ad hoc to suit the mission of each Series; the use of innovative propulsion, such as the POD system installed on board the Grande 30M.



Seadeck 9 is the future flagship of the Seadeck Series, which is the first Series of hybrid family motor yachts, representing the most efficient models ever built by Azimut – which will make its debut in 2024 with the Seadeck 6.

Azimut inaugurates a new gentle era, marking a milestone in the Shipyard’s path towards a more conscious approach to the topic of environmental sustainability. Seadeck signals a return to nature through technological solutions that potentially reduce CO2 emissions by up to 40% in an average year of use, both while sailing and at anchor, perfectly paired with the Fun Island, a reinvented aft deck that “embraces” the sea and a new lifestyle based on wellbeing.

The Seadeck 9 – with exteriors by Alberto Mancini and interiors by Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez – represents the epitome of the Series’ concept and elaborates its innovations. The Fun Island is transformed into a cascade of terraces with a surface area of 60m2 on 3 levels, a pool integrated into the deck and flanked by two sunbeds which can slide to cover it, and an additional large platform at water level. The combined space is an unparalleled design masterpiece, whose elements transcend their individual functions to evoke, as a whole, the aspiration for a world of sharing, nature and freedom.