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A YACHT DESIGNED FOR YOUR UNIQUE LIFESTYLELife on the sea is, above all, about freedom. It is about the freedom to enjoy every moment to the maximum, choosing how, where and with whom you spend your precious time. Sophisticated and supremely modern, the Azimut 68 is the perfect yacht to ensure you need think of nothing beyond these three things so that you can focus on pure enjoyment.
With a choice of three main deck layouts and a multi-functional zone, the Azimut 68 is the epitome of a true “world yacht”. The starting point for its design was a comprehensive analysis of all the various ways owners and guests pass their time on board, taking into account variations in lifestyle habits and preferences across different markets.
The result is yet more freedom, but this time, the freedom of boat owners to choose the layout that best reflects their idea of how to make the most of their onboard experiences.
In this layout, an elegant living area is located in the entrance area of the main deck, with the galley tucked away behind an innovative combination of ribbed wood and plexiglass. This solution, called Lanterna, closes the galley off to create privacy, but enables the light to flow through the entire space for a luminous, spacious environment.

For owners who are seeking a more convivial layout, the open galley version is the ideal solution. The galley is in a discreet bow location, but opens directly into the dining area, which can also be converted to a second lounge zone.

For a slightly more informal layout the galley is located in the stern with the dining area situated immediately as you enter from the cockpit, creating a relaxed indoor-outdoor flow, while the living zone is moved towards the bow.


The exterior lines were designed by Alberto Mancini who has taken a creative and eclectic approach in innovating the modern, sport look that defines Azimut yachts. Achille Salvagni, the go-to name in the field of interior design, has lent his talents to the interiors, blending originality and graceful charm to create spaces that foster a sense of wellbeing.

The Azimut 68 will make its official debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2021, but in the meantime you can enjoy a sneak peak of the very first images.